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New Dashboard Rolls out today!

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Below is some infomation regarding the 2011 Spring Dashboard Update. DO NOT UPDATE if you have a modded consoleNew dash which started to roll out today (2.0.13146).Although we have been publicly quiet in recent weeks, work has been ferocious with a large group of talented, and very well known scene individuals, busting their asses to make sure that the work of the 360 scene keeps on rolling.So now that the rollout has started, the team can actually start to implement much of the work into releases for public consumption.Here are some things of note so you have a clue of what’s coming:

After the update the drive fw is also updated with a new stock fw, rendering the drive unable to play backups (for now).
When the drives are flashed back again with LT fw the previous AP2.5 patched titles are no longer booting (expected and will be updated with new XBC and 0800)
It seems that the first update has only been sent to Liteon DG-16D2S and Liteon DG-16D4S drives (Unconfirmed)
The key location on phat models is now in a different area, so a new JF will be released to accommodate this change which was already anticipated in advance.
There has been EXTENSIVE progress with all the new AP2.5 challenges. New 0800 BENQ fw is almost ready.
There is a new XBC (Xbox Backup Creator) that has been designed alongside the new 0800 ripping fw – you’ll love it
There will be new LT fw’s for all of the new versions that have been released.
XGD3 progress is being made and there will be an update on this soon.
We have received unverified reports that after the update to a 9504 slim drive the write protect was enabled like the 0225 drives (Unconfirmed)
All the slim key read and slim write routines have changed also (again fully anticipated). Easily fixed with new JF

We will also confirm that we have a solution to all unlock all 0225 drives so you can write the firmware. This has been 100% verified and working and we are producing the addons as we speak and will have them available as soon as possible. We will release 2 versions, a kit for pro modders to offer as a service and also a DIY mod type device that users can install themselves. There is a LOT going on so we are working as fast as possible on all projects.So in the next few days/weeks you can expect new Lt firmwares for 0225 and others, a new Jungle Flasher, a new 0800 fw with new Ap2.5 support, a new Xbox Backup Creator and an addon to unlock 0225 and 0401 Liteon DG-14DS drives (which will also work on 9504 drives too if they become locked out)

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Xbox 360 Slim Firmware Release Today for the 9504 Drives

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C4Eva (in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter) released the iXtreme LT+ for LiteOn DG-16D4S 9504 drives:

World first backups for XBOX 360 Slim
- For Liteon Drive 9504New protection measures for slim:
* Realtime checks of drive firmware and ram by dashboard – Rootkit technology used to pass several realtime check types. These checks on the drive are open ended so as to make replay of the answers impossible. Will pass any check on any part of the drive
* Hardware flash modification check – The 1335 chip performs a hardware check on powerup for modified firmware. Chip fooled into thinking firmware is stock
* Slim drive locked to read pressed game discs only – Enabled reading of DVD+R DL media for game discsAll features of current LT+ also included
- Optimised PFI code to accomodate AP25 SS data
- Defeats current AP25 protection
- Protects console from logging AP25 violation
- Full disc stealth used by default
- Waveless booting , disc images are assumed to be correct!
- Split-Vid used as defaultIf booting an AP25 title without AP25 SS game will not boot but will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 12625
If LT+ encounters an unknown AP25 challenge, game will not boot but console will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 12625 AP25 SS are region specific for region locked games

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