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Xbox 360 Slim Model LT + 2.0 Released

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Details for LT + 2.0:

– Support for XGD3 ixtreme backups using LT-MAX for maximum capacity on standard DVD+R DL discs. Passes all security checks for XGD3 including correct capacity.

- Support for large capacity DVD+R DL media (no errors when burning) This new Custom Firmware has the same support as the Fat Model release that was sent to us on the 2nd of this month. (Full XGD3 Support).

I offer this Firmware install on the Xbox 360 Slim Consoles for $50 and all future updates are $20. The turnaround time for this mod is usually about 30min-1hr.

Xbox 360 LT + 2.0 Firmware Released! (Full XGD3 Support)

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Details for LT + 2.0

- Support for XGD3 ixtreme backups using LT-MAX for maximum capacity on standard DVD+R DL discs. Passes all security checks for XGD3 including correct capacity.

- Support for large capacity DVD+R DL media (no errors when burning)Well that was quick!
Today sees the release of the highly awaited NEW CFW LT+ 2.0 with LT Max for the Xbox 360 FAT style Consoles. Drives currently supported are the Samsung, Benq & Liteon Drives. Slim Models & Fat owners with Hitachi Drives will still have to wait for this firmware to support their drives, shouldn’t be long though : )

Please be aware that there is a process for backing up these new games to Dual Layer + R DL Discs. Xbox Backup Creator is a great program that has all the updates included to fully support all of the new layer break information for burning your games.

Xbox Backup Creator – Download it: HERE

Xbox 360 News!!

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Huge news for both Xbox 360 Owners.

Xbox 360 (XGD3 Format Unlocked)

Today the legendary 360 firmware creator C4eva has unlocked the new 360 game disc format called XGD3! The new firmware to support XGD3 will be called iXtreme LT Max.360 owners with LT Max firmware installed will now be able to backup XGD3 fomatted games to regular Dual Layer +R DVD for a direct boot in your Xbox 360 Console!There currently has been no time frame annouced for this firmwares release date. As always we will post here the day of the release.

AKAIO firmware 1.8.8 has been released for Acekard Users

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A new version of AKAIO Firmware has just been released. Please read below for fixes made in this new firmware.- Updated to devkitARM r34 and libnds 1.5.2
- Added two small icon view modes: Filename and Internal Name
- Touchscreen scrolling has been inverted by default
- Mimics touchscreen phone/tablet scrolling
- Can be toggled in Advanced Settings screen
- FAS1 Modifications to allow modifying specific SRAM Banks and dumping the entire 256KB SRAM
- Options in the FAS1 Menu
- Added support for 24bit and 32bit bitmaps for skins
- Note these get down sampled to 16bit so no increase in available colors

Download – Here

Xbox 360 Slim Mod Price Reduced!

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I am very happy to annouce that the 360 slim mod has now dropped to $50! There is a new solution to unlock the 360 Slim’s SPI available that does not require the replacement hardware. Look forward to hearing from you soon !)
New 360 Firmware Release: iXtreme LT + 1.91 firmwarehas been released for the fat & Slim Model Xbox 360′s

Xbox Slim Mods Now Available!

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The long awaited hardware / firmware is now available for the Xbox 360 Slim’s Consoles- Please note that this currently will not work on all 360 Slim series. The only way to know for sure what drive you have is to open your 360 Console. You can however get a good idea what drive your console may contain by visiting the Xbox 360 Drive Data Base located here- Drive versions that are now capable of being modded are the 9504 / 0225 / 0401 Slim Models.- Performing the modification involves replacing the Chip on the pcb board located in the 360 Slim’s DVD Drive to write the iXtreme firmware.Now performing this Mod for $85 Thanks!

iXtreme LT 1.9 Released for Phat Xbox 360 Consoles

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Official release of the iXtreme LT v1.9 for Samsung & LT+ v1.9 for Benq and Lite-On (Phat models)
- CFW’s based on new XGD3 dashboard (2.0.13146.0) updated OFW’s
- supports booting AP25 backups and XGD3 originals.
C4Eva has released the new firmware in conjuction with the new 2011 (13146) Spring Dashboard Update. It is currently only available for the Phat Xbox 360 Consoles. If you updated your 360 to the 13146 dash, the new LT 1.9 update will solve your problems and allow for you to start playing your backups again as normal.As for Xbox 360 Slims owners there is currently still no way to play backups on the 13146 dashboard. There is however a solution currently in the works that will involve a hardware device. With the new security measures implemented by microsoft a simple firmware flash will no longer suffice with the Xbox 360 Slim Consoles.

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