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New Xbox Dashboard 2.0.15572 Rolling Out

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New Dasboard version 15572 has started rollilng out. This will have an effect on being able to perform the RGH 2.0 / Dual Nand mod on both fat and slim model Xbox 360′s. However there is a way to RGH2.0 or Dual Nand a console on the 15572 Dasboard Version and that is to have dump of your nand from any previous dashboard version before dash 15572. So this means if you do have plans for th RGH2 or Dual Nand mod in the near future hold off on the update and have your nand read and backed up first! We will also report back on live log checks for the users with iXtreme firmware, but as always it is best to hold off on the update until checks have been verified and confirmed.
Thanks : )

In House Repairs & Local Pick-up / Drop-off services now available!

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For your convenience we are now offering either an In House Modifcations & Repairs Service or a Pick-up and Drop-off Mods & Repair Service.  If you are within the city of Edmonton, Sherwood Park or Saint Albert and are in need of a repair or modification simply give us a call anytime from 12-8pm to schedule a time.  Cost for this service is only $15 each way & we are available to swing by anytime from 12-8pm 7 days a week!  Have a peek below for details on this service and how it works!
IN HOUSE REPAIRS & MODZ -  This service will mainly be for Xbox 360 Slim & Fat iXtreme Firmware Installs / Updates, and for all Disc Read error issues for any console type.  Since we can perform this service within a 20-30min time period just let us hang out for a bit and quickly get up and running!
PICK-UP & DROP-OFF REPAIRS & MODZ -  PS3 YLoD and Xbox 360 Red Light errors are more of a time consuming repair, so saying that it is just best that if you are interested in this service, to let us stop by, pick-up your console and return it to you once the repair is complete.  Same goes for the very popular Xbox 360 Dual Nand Mod, RGH, Wii Mods.

Thanks again & Happy Gaming!!

RGH 2.0 & Xbox 360 Dual Nand Mod is now available!

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For those interested we are now offering the RGH2.0 for 360 owners that have updated there 360′s to the 14719 dashboard, which I should also note has been verified as safe from the live log checks from C4EVA for those with iXtreme Firmware on their dvd drives. Also some great news, as we are now offering the Dual Nand Mod for all FAT model 360′s with hdmi ports and Slim 360 with a Trinity motherboard. With the Dual Nand mod you can now have a unmodded untouched regular console & a Jtagged or Reset Glitched console all in one with just one simple flip of a switch!! This means play on Xbox Live with on the unmodded nand side, and then just flip the built in switch and watch your 360 magically become JTAGGED or RGH’d!! Pricing for the Dual Nand Mod is $140 and will soon be posted on our 360 page. Any further questions or concerns feel free as always to contact us at 780-991-5155!
Thanks again!

Xbox 360 News!!

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New Dashboard 2.0.14717 Rolls out

- Live log has been complete, same checks, no changes! However, it is highly recommended that you allow us to flash your console back to stock firmware before proceeding with the update.

New Dashboard 2.0.14717 prevents console from being RGH (Jtagged)

- However good news the Slim has already been RGH on 2.0.14717.0 and the necessary files will be released soon! Work continues on the phats as well and Xeon Consoles, would recommend holding off on the update if you have plans of RGH your console right away ; )

New Console Repair Drop off Location

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Our good friends at Advanced Games are now drop off location for consoles in need of repair. Feel free to swing by 16769 91 street anytime from 12-8pm mon-fri or 12-5pm sat-sun. A quick NCR will need to be filled out for both the customer and the stores records. Turnaround times for Xbox 360 & PS3 Reball repairs are usually 2-3 days. Consoles are still accepted at our home location at 12912 70 street where the BGA rework station is situated and the actual repair process is performed. Wii, Xbox 360 & PS3 drive and laser replacements will have a much faster turnaround time if dropped of at the home location.

Special Promotion

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Xbox 360 Reflow Repair $35 ……… NOW $30

Xbox 360 Reball Repair $60 ………. NOW $50

PS3 Reflow Repair $65 …………….. NOW $50

PS3 Reball Repair $95 ……………… NOW $80

***Promotion in effect until March 10th 2012***

iXtreme LT+ 3.0 is now available for Slim Xbox 360′s

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This is being classed as the Silver Bullet Firmware and completely defeats all Ap2.5 challenges.! Please keep in mind though that all 360 Slim consoles are not able to be modded at this time. New Slims may come with Hitachi Drives or Corona Motherboards that can not be Jtagged or Firmware modded : ( However on a brighter note , Slim owners with the new 1175 Liteon DVD Drives, the firmware for this is now in Progress and should be out soon : ) Have a peek below for some details on this new firmware that we found on

C4E’s iXtreme LT+ in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter
Official release of the iXtreme LT+ v3.0 for 0272/0225/0401/1071 slim Liteons
- Support for topology data on AP25 enabled titles. Will correctly answer any ap25 challenge eliminating need for dae.bin to create a backup.
- No need to make new backups everytime dae.bin is updated on console
- Extra support for rare firmwares

New (JTAG) The Reset Glitch is now available + iX treme LT + 3.0 is here!!

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Also X360Key are now in stock!

Happy new year all! We are now offering the below listed services.

  • Modznrepairs is now offering the Reset Glitch for Fat and Slim model Xbox 360 Consoles. For those that always wanted to get the jtag hack but were not able to due your consoles being updated past the exploitable 7371 dash this is your solution!! Please see below for just a few of the features for the reset glitch. Please note that this mod is likely detectable on Xbox Live and is not recommended for online gaming.
  • Install custom dasboards such as Freestyle dash
  • Rip your backups to either an external or internal hard drive
  • Run Emulators
  • Unlock Xbox Live Content
  • iXtreme LT+3.0 is here! Ap2.25 defeated!! This firmware has been released for the Fat model Xbox 360′s that have either Benq or Liteon DVD Drives. Hitachi drives earlier than the 78 versions and Samsung drives will not need this firmware as they do not perform AP2.5 checks. Fat model owners with Hitachi 78 / 79 drives and Slim owners will still have to wait but it will likely not be long as the firmware is currently in progress and should be released very soon. Stay tuned!!
  • X360 Key is now in stock and available for install. We now have the X360 Key in stock. With these units you will be able to play your games from an external USB Hard Drive or eSata without the need for a jtag or reset glitch
  • Please have a look at our Xbox 360 Page for pricing and further information. Thanks again!!